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Halmstad Cider undergoes a new Brand Facelift!

Halmstad Cider undergoes a new Brand Facelift!
Since the start back in 1985 this is the first time that Halmstad cider undergoes a substantial new exciting Brand Facelift!

The new Halmstad Cider is today designed for a Target Group (18-45yr) and its main cornerstones consist of:

- Modern ”classic”
- Genuine product /quality
- Innovative and exploring
- Swedish origin
- Long tradition

The taste, design, bottle shape, serving size is in every aspect developed to address the needs of a sophisticated target group in the busy environment of today Depending on the market expectations / regulations we do produce different flavours such as Pear, Apple, Pomegranate, Cactus/ Lime, strawberry/ Litchi, rose, Strawberry, Wildberry etc..
Halmstad Cider can be exported in two kinds of consumer packaging Bottle ( 33 cl and 50 cl ) and Can (33 cl and 50 cl).
We have already developed a wide range of flavours and modern color schemes!

The roll out of our new Halmstad Cider took place in Norway and has already responded extremely well in fact well over our expectations!

Our vision being the oldest private own brewing family of Sweden is to develop and improve our products through strong focus on consumers insight but also to maintain top quality products based upon our long gained experiences!
Pure and Delicious genuine Swedish Cider!

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